Lowest Price Guarantee: Stop Looking, You found it!

Book online at ChoiceHotels.com or call the hotel property directly, and we’ll stand behind our rate with our Lowest Price Guarantee. If you find a lower published publicly available price for the same date and terms on any other qualified online source that we can verify, we’ll match that rate—and we’ll give U.S. and Canadian residents a $50 Reward Card (in USD or CAD respectively). International guests will receive their first night free instead. See how to qualify, below.

How it Works:

1. Submit the claim form.
Find a lower publicly-available price for the same hotel, same date and same accommodations? First, complete the Claim Form within 24 hours of your booking; your booking must also be at least 48 hours prior to a 6am arrival on the first day booked. [These time frames are important, because we need the claim as soon as possible so that we can find & verify the price you found and to process the claim.]
2. We'll chat.
Within 48 hours, a Choice Hotels service representative will contact you to confirm that the price you've found meets all the Lowest Price Guarantee criteria; See Complete Terms and Conditions.
3. We'll make it up to you.
Enjoy the lower rate for your whole stay. In addition, if you are a U.S. or Canada resident, and your claim qualifies, you will receive a $50 Reward Card (in USD or CAD respectively) after you stay, which you can use anywhere Visa Reward Card is accepted in the U.S an anywhere Reward Card Prepaid Mastercard is accepted in Canada. If you are an international resident, you will receive the first night free instead.